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Fashxtile will no longer have original posts. I have decided to post on my main ‘personal’ blog, rather than Fashxtile i will still be doing posts like this, but will also be posting updates on my own work and progress as a fashion designer. Thank you for following and i hope you will continue to follow my journey!


I love Flaminia Saccucci’s fashion illustrations, which she translates into garments so beautifully! Saccucci is a CSM graduate currently working at Givenchy, this is her graduate collection which she received a L’Oreal Professional Young Talent Award for. Her prints are bold and work well with the asymmetric cuts of the garments, it;s not surprising her designs were quickly snapped up by many shops. Saccucci describes her work as ‘Sharp, clean, but with a twist, and always balanced’. Definitely a future designer i’m looking forward to see a label and collections from! 


This is the work of Ece Gozen, an up and coming fashion designer from Istanbul. Her current collection is based on the work by Escher, the mathmatical structure of the universe and the way this is combined into art. The collection created for the Muuse x Vogue Talents competition, includes beautifully paneled and laser cut garments with prints. 

Titainia Inglis’s S/S13 collection is minimal yet beautiful. The collection sticks to just a few colours, geometric seam create interesting garment shapes, and light delicate prints add to the detail. I particularly love the detail of the zips placed on an angle. Inglis is minimal also in her practice, receiving an award in Sustainable Design, her collections are created in a small factory in New York, and the materials are all sustainably sourced.

This is the robotic Spider Dress created by Anouk Wipprecht. Wipprecht is a technological fashion designer, creating garments that seem as if they are alive, with particular stimulants, i have previously written about the Intimacy garment a while back here. This Spider dress is a piece of wearable robotics that moves around the wearer, and acts as a protection if some one approaches too fast. Wipprecht combines here interests in robotics with her interest in design, creating unique ’technological couture’ pieces that are inspiring and interesting. 


Happy New Year!

Firstly i wish all my readers and followers a very happy new year! Thank you for your support and i hope you will continue enjoying my blog throughout the next year! I haven’t posted in a while now, due to having a lot of uni work going on lately, but i will get back round and in the habit of blogging again after the new year! 

I personally cant wait to see what new technology and designers emerge in the year 2013! =]

An interesting artical on new innovative materials within the fashion and textiles industry!

I am excited to share a promotion on Muuse, offering you 10% off all orders as well as free shipping!

Muuse is dedicated online boutique looking to showcase 100 of the best emerging designers, working with them to create 'well crafted original pieces, to deliver to people who love fashion.'

This offer is available only from the 5th December - 7th December. Click here to can see some of the designers i have featured on my blog already! 


This is the innovative work of Vega Wang, who is set to become one of China’s rising stars within the fashion industry. Wang graduated from CSM in 2008 and went on to create her brand within the same year, know for its high level of craftsmanship. I choose to show this work because of the innovation behind the collection and materials used. The collection is called ‘Alpha Lyrae’ and is in collaboration with the Creators Project. It collection features prints and electroluminescent (EL) materials, giving the garments on display a ‘glow’. 

I really feel inspired by the development of science and technology within the fashion industry and i feel their are still so many more exciting and innovative things to come! 


This is the work of London based fashion designer Peggy Pei-Chuan Tsai. What draws me into this A/W collection 'Movement', is the attention to detail and shapes created by pattern cutting. The inspirations for this collection is in fact the cutting technique subtraction cutting, which was invented by Julian Roberts. All the garments are made from only 4 varying pattern pieces and each is then manipulated around the body in different ways, creating folds and pleats. I particularly love the jacket-like garment with the square arm sleeve and circular arm hole opening.